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hardcore kaizen

Marvin Bower & Peter Drucker's deepest regret: "the prevalence of command & control".

Zenitation "hardcore kaizen...agile by nature" tag sits under the management, rather than the technology heading. Though the term "agile" is overused in software development, the concept does not begin, or end, with technology. Beyond that, the ridiculous oxymoron apparent in 'certifying' agile processes makes even clearer the need for real agility across business today.

Agile basically implies something very simple, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary: able to move quickly and easily, able to think and understand quickly. (the latin agere means do, and also underlies the word act).

The ability to understand and move quickly faced with dynamic circumstances. That's agile.

Applied to management, agile means addressing a situation as it currently stands and adapting as appropriate. It is by definition the 'unknown unknown' that creates management breakdowns, and hence agility does not obviate planning. Instead, planning is absolutely fundamental to agility, dealing with 'known' and 'known unknown' variables.

Managing a project or a team may require mostly planning and very little agility, however the agile part has a vastly disproportionate impact on final quality and delivery.

In any business situation, not understanding a client/customer/employee and quickly adapting the product/service/relationship as required, is failing.

"hardcore kaizen" means constantly and aggressively questioning efficiency and efficacity, "agile by nature" means responding fluidly to implement required change.

Zenitation Management agile kaizen : hardcore by nature.